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Best Air Fryer For family of 4

We compiled a list of the highest recommended best air fryer for families from shops such as Amazon and E – bay so you will not have to spend several hours deciding which one would be best for you.

Instead, we hope that this information has assisted you in determining which type of air fryer is appropriate for your requirements.

Best Air Fryer For family of 4

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL

COSORI Air Fryer Max XL(100 Recipes) Digital Hot Oven Cooker, One Touch Screen with 13 Cooking Functions, Preheat and Shake Reminder, 5.8 QT, Black

The Max XL is living proof of this claim. Its award-winning design, as well as its simple settings and tilted display, have made it a favorite among consumers and professionals alike.

This best air fryers consumer reports produces golden brown and tasty results on everything from mozzarella sticks to frozen items like French fries and chicken nuggets to onion rings. It also does a fantastic job with Brussels sprouts due to its root vegetable mode.

This machine not only provides 11 pre-programmed recipes but also makes it simple to select them. To choose any of them, all that is necessary is a simple tap on display. You may choose the cooking temperature and time with comparable simplicity. You may not need to read the instructions to understand how this top rated air fryer works.

The equipment is flexible enough to prepare everything from steak and seafood to bread and brownies, with a cooking temperature range of 170 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You may program it to run for up to 60 minutes.

It has a black box design with a touch screen on top, a cooking basket below, an air inlet on top, and an air exit on the rear, as well as a touch screen on top. Its utilitarian design emphasizes utility over form, which is another reason I store it when not in use.

To sweeten the offer, even more, Cosori has included a non-stick, dishwasher safe, and detachable basket with this model. One that is devoid of hazardous chemicals such as BPA and PFOA and can fit a 6-pound chicken with ease.


  • 11 Pre-setting
  • Shake and Keep Warm Functions
  • Pre-Heating Function
  • The removable nonstick coated basket is dishwasher safe
  • PFOA-free & BPA-free


  • Some Pre-setting has no reminder

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray

We also highly recommend Ninja’s digital version is Ninja AF101 Air Fryer. This version not only obviously uses the patented cooking technology that the Ninja AF101 does, but it also has programmable cooking functions to use as well.

With mobile technology usage skyrocketing, Ninja knows that what’s right at our fingertips is typically the easiest for us, and so with your mobile device, you can find recipes specifically created with this top rated air fryer in mind! Pretty nifty, if you ask us, and pretty smart of Ninja to not only know today’s consumer so well, but to work toward ensuring product happiness is paramount!

As would be expected with a machine built to do the job, even the sturdy 4 Quarts don’t feel too obtrusive when you figure in that there are non-stick feet that help it stay in place, and entice you to keep it out on the counter where you’ll use it more!

Another big concern when ‘frying’, whether with oil or not, is safety. The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer has a high-temperature from105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn’t play around! To ensure the safety of the user, there is casing around the frame and it also has a cool-grip handle so there are no concerns about burns to skin.

It has a powerful 1550 watts of power fueling it, so it’s important to watch as one cooks things so there is no burning. A nice little feature that the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer has and many others don’t is a sound indicator that will tell you when your food is done.

Important when you are working with that much heat, and when you want your food to be the most like ‘fried’, even if done so with a fraction of the calories and fat typically accompanying that delicious food!

Yet another lovely feature of this model is the non-stick coated drawer that can be removed – allowing you to put both the drawer and the food basket right into the dishwasher and not given a second thought to cleaning! That’s what we call the premium of convenience!


  • This bets rated air fryer boasts a display and easy-to-use controls
  • It features a ceramic covering that ensures uniform cooking by allowing hot air to circulate freely throughout the air fryer
  • There are four cooking settings on the AF101
  • Dishwasher-safe accessories are included


  • You can’t make more than five meals at a time

Dash Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker

Dash Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker with Temperature Control, Non-stick Fry Basket, Recipe Guide + Auto Shut off Feature, 2 Quart – Aqua

Three features of the Dash Compact air fryer oven cooker caught our eye. It is equipped with an auto-shutoff function whose name betrays its intentions. This feature will turn off the unit immediately upon detecting something is amiss. You can thus count on it to keep you safe.

Then there is this model’s Air Crisp Technology. It has maintained a delicate balance between reducing the added fat in meals while maintaining their crispiness. One side benefit of this approach is that you won’t notice any residual oil smell while cleaning this device.

Equally eye-catching are the two dials. The first, located on top of the unit, lets you adjust its inner temperature for various foods. The second dial is front-facing and enables you to set the cooking time up to half an hour, with impressive 1-minute increments.


  • Reduces added fat
  • Auto sshutoff function
  • Cool to the touch housing


  • Only 2-quart capacity

Chefman 2-Quart Air TurboFry

Chefman 2-Quart Air TurboFry, Personal Compact Healthy Fryer w/Adjustable Temperature Control, 60 Minute Timer and Dishwasher Safe Basket, Black

The Chefman 2 Quart Air Fryer shines out as the best air fryer toaster oven due to its small size, elegant design, simplicity, and low price. It is excellent for families with kids or single persons. In addition, it may be used as a multifunctional cooking device in college rooms and offices.

This little air fryer saves room while being efficient. Because it is tiny, it may be kept in cupboards and fits nicely on small counter-spaces. It also includes an auto-shutdown option for additional security. It has a wide range of culinary functions. It features a flattened basket shape that reduces room while boosting productivity by 40% while consuming less energy. It is simple to clean because the removable pieces are dishwasher friendly, and it has an air filter built-in. It has the same cETL certified safety devices as other Chefman air fryers and arrives with a 1-year guarantee.


  • Affordable
  • Small in size and simple to keep
  • Easy-to-clean removable rack


  • The analog dial tends to make it difficult to control.

GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer

GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer with Digital Touchscreen + Recipe Book, 1.7-Qt up to 2 Qt Max, Black/Silver

This elegant, convenient GoWISE mini digital air fryer is designed to save time and space. With five settings and one frying basket, this is ideal for serving 1-two persons efficiently. You’ll be able to set things up for the tasks you want, thanks to touch screen settings and the choice for a programmable timer of up to 60 minutes. Wonderfully crisp meals that don’t need to be turned to cook uniformly.

The GoWISE Electric Mini Air Fryer is ideal for a tiny kitchen, student dorm, or limited area. It’s one basket that holds up to 2 quarts of foodstuff and has five cooking modes: air fry, frozen meals, toast, reheating, and stay warm.

This couldn’t be simpler to use, with straightforward controls on an extensive touch screen interface and a full-color LCD screen! The detachable pan with a crisp tray is finished with PFOA-free nonstick parts for easy cleaning, and the temperature setting is programmable from 180°F to 400°F. With convenient storage as well as a wide range of meal size possibilities, the GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer is guaranteed to please!


  • Its sleek and sophisticated appearance makes it ideal.
  • The 7-quart large capacity basket enables you to cook in quantity.
  • Equipped with a PFOA-free nonstick coating making cleanup a breeze


  • Average sturdiness

Innsky Air Fryer XL 5.8 QT

Innsky Air Fryer XL 5.8 QT, 【2021 Upgraded】 11 in 1 Oilless Air Fryers Oven, Easy One Touch Screen with Preheat & Delay Start, ETL Listed, Airfryer 1700W for Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Grill, Recipe Book

With nothing but an Air Fryer, such as the Innsky 5.8QT 1700W Electric Stainless Steel Air Fryer XL, you can eat your delicious food guilt-free while still losing weight. In addition, you’ll receive excellent fried meals without fat because cooking requires almost no oil. This Inky oil less cooker features a big 5.8-quart capacity on the bigger side for air fryers, so keep your countertop area in mind. Despite its greater size, the sleek-looking construction gives it a reasonably small appearance. Nevertheless, one advantage of its enormous size is how you can store a lot more within. That is, you can perform more frying with more significant quantities of food in a single batch.


  • One-Touch cooking mode
  • Extraordinary Capacity
  • Functions with presets
  • Money refund guarantee for 90 days


  • The main problem with this version is the faint odor of melted plastic.

Secura Air Fryer

Secura Air Fryer 4.2Qt / 4.0L
Secura Air Fryer 4.2Qt / 4.0L 1500-Watt Electric Hot XL Air Fryers Oven Oil Free Nonstick Cooker w/Additional Accessories, Recipes, BBQ Rack & Skewers for Frying, Roasting, Grilling, Baking

Some air fryers on the market are cost-effective. Others have a large frying capacity to cook meals for your entire family in one go. Still, others come loaded with technologies that do an excellent job of cooking evenly. The Secure Air Fryer boasts all three functions.

It is a fairly basic device – with only a timer (up to 60 minutes) and a temperature dial (up to 390 degrees) – which is relatively easy to use. There are also power indicator and heating lights. The air fryer also comes with a skewer, toaster rack, and a nonstick fryer basket.

The absence of any digital icons comes across as a blessing in disguise. Sure, that means that your guests won’t be as impressed with this model’s appearance as they might be with some of the units we saw above. But it also means that there are fewer parts that could potentially break down.

Need proof to believe in this claim? Secure provides just that by supplementing this air-fryer with a two-year warranty. The only downside we noted about this unit was its dial, which might make it difficult for some of you to precisely set its timer. Other than that, it’s without a fault.


  • Two-year warranty.
  • Comes with accessories.
  • Extra-large 4.2-quart capacity.


  • The dial isn’t easy to operate


Air fryers are a cost-effective and flexible alternative to utilizing a microwave or cooktop. They may be used to cook everything, with air frying becoming the healthier choice because it uses less oil.

However, because there are so many various products available in the market, you must conduct your homework before buying – some even have higher ratings than the others!

With several various manufacturers to choose from, it might be challenging to locate the best large capacity air fryer. Luckily for you, we’ve performed all of the legwork and have paid close attention to just a few top competitors that should satisfy your requirements without exceeding the budget!

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