How Long To Cook Steak On Grill?

How Long To Cook Steak On Grill?

Here’s how you will make the perfect steak this season

Not only Americans but food enthusiasts of every nation are into irresistible steak dishes. They are the glory of every famous restaurant here and there. However, people are nothing less enthusiastic about making steaks at home.

If you are planning the same as well, you are indeed in the right place. Here, you will get a certain idea about what smoking equipment to use, how long to cook steak on grill, what seasoning and smoking ingredients to use and more. So let’s get started.

How Long To Cook Steak On Grill?

Choose a butcher over a grocery

All the buzz about buying the fresh meat to attain the best quality cooking surely exists for a reason. It is important that you align with the idea too to make the best out of your cooking efforts. This will help you get the best results after you smoke the steak.

Concentrate on the cut of the meat

The cut plays a key role in the preparation of the item. A large percentage of people tend to go for the thin cuts of meat which might seem like a healthier and smarter option. But if you really want to gain some healthy fat and attain better taste, the ribeye would be the perfect cut for you. It has a little thicker fat added and is marbling.

Also, it is actually much easier to cook as the dressings you put will be more intact and get absorbed in compared to the thinner ones giving it a better taste. If you are conscious about the fat, choose to have a smaller portion which will help you enjoy the best of both worlds!

Pick the right equipment to cook

The right equipment and tools make smoking meat a lot easier especially if you are a newbie. Begin by choosing the right meat smoker and the right cooking fuel. While selecting the smoker, consider aspects like the size, add-on features, brand, fuel type and more.

You can also consider the types of food you usually like cooking in the smoker. This will help you settle for the right equipment whether you are smoking steak, pork or turkey. For steaks, you will need to smoke in comparatively high temperature and make sure your smoker or grill is robust enough.

A digital meat thermometer will do the magic

Using the digital meat thermometer will help you exactly figure out how long to cook steak on grill or any other type of cooker, and you do not have to depend on inaccurate guesses anymore. These thermometers are quite popular in the market and come in quite a moderate price range nowadays. If you buy online, you will be able to see the exact features, descriptions and also get amazing discounts on the same.

Use a healthy and natural cooking fat

The next thing that you will need to consider is the cooking fat. Each meat demands a particular type of cooking fat. When you are smoking a heavy cut meat, it is always best to go for the thicker and slightly greasier cooking fat. This will help the meat attain a certain level of softness and finish the cooking process faster.

Vegetable, peanut and olive oil are some of the best options if you are smoking steak. It is best not to use the extra virgin olive oil as that is not much of a suitable option for cooking or smoking steak.

You can also use special herbs and seasoning ingredients to pep up your smoked steak. Some finely chopped parsley, fresh thyme and rosemary would make the perfect combination to give a extravagant flavor and freshness to your steak. This is the most favored combination that every steak lover admires but you can try other combinations as well.

However, all said and done, many use grillers to smoke steaks and it is not a bad idea at all. To be precise if you are wondering how long to cook steak on grill, there is no specific time for that. But if you are using a griller make sure that the meat turns golden brown on both the sides.

The minimum time for smoking steak on a grill is approximately four to five minutes in medium degree temperature. Otherwise, if you have a smoker at home, you can consider yourself sorted completely. So just get set for preparing the best-smoked steak ever!

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